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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Erin Leigh Bullen reviewed Elite Martial Arts
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It's all about heart here! The team at Elite is 100% dedicated to the success and comfort of their students and instructors. You could find a few other places just as committed but surely not more so. Lori puts everything she's got into making this studio outstanding!

Janel Post reviewed Elite Martial Arts
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My boys have been part of the EMA family for 5 years. I have seen many positive changes in them over the years. They are respectful, hardworking & self confident. The instructors have been wonderful role models for them. If you are considering a martial arts program for your child you will not be disappointed with EMA!

Sabrina Rose reviewed Elite Martial Arts
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Can't say enough wonderful things about this place and the instructors. They really care about the kids. It is amazing to watch the students grow and develop self confidence, self esteem and self control. The school offers plenty of additional seminars and programs, like self defense, parents night out, guest instructors and after school care. It's worth looking into.

Jen Lorenzo-Ward reviewed Elite Martial Arts
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I absolutely love this school. The instructors are as nice as can be and are extremely helpful. I feel comfortable in the environment and would highly recommend this school to anyone!!!! My daughter loves coming and cannot stop talking about how much fun she has at karate and she is only 3 1/2

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Fun, Social, and Educational After School Program That Your Child Will Love!

Instead of worrying, let us teach them about respect, discipline, and fitness in our martial arts after school program.

Kids need something to occupy their time after school. Our program gives kids a safe place to come, learn about martial arts, and make new friends in a fun, social, and educational setting to provide you with the peace of mind you need.


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

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4 Tips on Building Your Child's Confidence

Are you worried about what to do

with your kids in the afternoon and early evening?

You wonder how your kids are spending their free time while you’re finishing up your work day.

You want your child to make new friends and build healthy relationships.

Your child struggles with discipline and respect, and you want them to learn these core values.

Being a parent is never easy!

Which is why we have started our After School program…

One of the biggest challenges of parenting is finding wholesome and fun activities for your kids to do after school. It’s especially important if you work and you know your kids will be unsupervised for several hours a day. You want to know where your kids and what they’re doing – and you want them to be learning something and not just playing video games.

That’s where our after-school program comes in. Kids learn about martial arts, including the core tenets of respect, discipline, and perseverance, in a fun and social setting.

your child will grow every day!

Learning martial arts helps kids in many ways. It teaches them to respect themselves and others, and to persist when they have a goal in mind. It emphasizes the mind-body connection and helps them to discipline themselves without being reminded.

Workout Instead of Sitting on the Couch

One of the most challenging things about being a parent these days is finding a way to tear your kids away from computers and video games and get them moving.

Our after-school program gives kids a physical outlet after a long day at school – and teaches them the value of fitness in a fun setting.

Safe, Positive Place to Spend After-School

Do your kids come home to an empty house after school because you’re at work? Instead of having them there by themselves, our after-school program gives them a fun and educational alternative.

When your kids are with us, they’re learning useful skills and spending time with other kids. You can rest easy knowing that they’re safe and sound.

Make New Friends & Have Fun

Sometimes, kids struggle to make new friends. It can be hard to find others with common interests or to have the time to socialize at school.

Our after-school program is a social setting, a place where kids can share experiences while learning something new. Many of the kids who attend our programs end up being close friends.

Learn Respect, Discipline, and Persistence

Some after-school programs simply offer parents a place to send their kids without any other benefits. Ours is different.

Kids who study martial arts learn respect for themselves and others, discipline in the pursuit of goals, and the rewards of hard work – lessons that carry over to home, school, and beyond.

My son has serious attitude and anger problems and so I put him in the after school program after hearing great things on how patient and consistant the instructors are. He's doing great there and I feel like they are definitely part of the parenting team now instead of just a place to watch my child.
I have another child with no attitude issues and she loves it! She loves the structure of karate, how they don't yell like the last after-school place she went, and the fun games they play. It has added to her confidence and she's doing great.

Kathy Tessadri

Everyone at Elite Martial Arts is amazing, from the owners to the instructors to the staff. We love Elite, and there are so many wonderful things that my family and I can say about it. This is a family place, and there is something for everyone. You are never a number at Elite. Everyone there knows your name and has an invested interest in your progress. If you have ever thought about martial arts for you or someone in your family then you have to give Elite Martial Arts a try!

Karene Cary

This is a great place! My son couldn't find a sport he thoroughly enjoyed until joining this team. He's a great kid to begin with and I didn't think his attitude could get any better but Elite Martial Arts has helped making him more disciplined and helpful at home. He looks forward to karate each and every week. The staff and teachers are fantastic, friendly and make everyone feel like a part of the Martial Arts family. There are great games, activities for everyone!

David Martinek

Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

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4 Tips on Building Your Child's Confidence


How is your after-school program different from other programs?

Our program is structured and gives kids the opportunity to learn about the martial arts in a fun and social setting. We teach them core values like respect, self-control, and discipline while giving them the opportunity to make new friends.

Will my child get a work-out in your program?

Yes. Our after-school program includes martial arts instruction and gives kids an opportunity to get physical, build muscle mass, and learn the value of physical fitness.

My child has a hard time making new friends. Will your program give them the opportunity to meet new people?

Yes. Kids in our program come from multiple schools and often end up making friends with kids they never would have met otherwise.

All my child wants to do after school is play video games. Will they like your program?

We think so! Your child may love video games, but they’re no substitute for real-life, fun interactions with other kids. We do everything we can to make the experience a rewarding one for the kids in our program.

My child is sometimes disrespectful and even rude. Can attending your program help?

Yes. We teach the core tenets of martial arts including respect and discipline. Everybody in our martial arts school learns to respect and be respected and kids take that lesson home with them.

My child struggles in school and needs to get better grades. Can they benefit from your program?

Yes. The values we teach include discipline, persistence, and focus. Kids who struggle in school often need some help learning to focus and stick to difficult tasks, and we can help them learn the value of doing so.

More Benefits

Learning martial arts helps kids learn to focus and remember what they are told.

Kids improve their balance and build core strength by learning martial arts.

Kids of all ages comes to our after-school program and receive age-appropriate instruction.

Regular martial arts workouts like the ones in our program help kids lose weight and feel better about themselves.



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